Purchasing Music On-line

On this web site, some of the albums have an iTunes link. These albums are available for purchase in Apple's iTunes Music Store, the #1 downloadable music store.

iTunes digital jukebox software (free download) is required to use the Music Store.

Once music is purchased in iTunes, you can play it on your computer, transfer it to an iPod for on-the-go listening, or burn an audio CD for use in any traditional CD player.

Unlike the streaming sample audio available here at WinnRecordings.com, the purchased audio tracks from iTunes contain beautifully detailed CD-quality sound.

Apple iTunes
Average Price $0.99/song
Required Software iTunes (free)
available for
Mac & Windows
File Format AAC with FairPlay DRM
Audio CD Burning unlimited per song
Supported Personal Audio Devices iPod

Internet music distribution by TuneCore.